Per Meistrup Productions

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Online Copyrigt Licensing:

We are member of Koda Denmark.
For online streaming, obtain copyright license from Polaris Nordic
or from ICE Services.

For master license please contact the releasing record company.

For sample license, or recording in a new arrangement, or use of composition in a new work, please contact us below.

Music publishing:

Postal address:
Per Meistrup Productions Co.
PMP Group Nordic ApS
att. Bergerud
Kornvænget 17
DK-4673 Rødvig Stevns

+45 5614 8383

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Disc manufacturing

Postal Address:
Per Meistrup Produktion
att. Hammerich
Blovstrød Teglværksvej 3
DK-3450 Allerød

+45 5614 6677

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Per Meistrup Productions Co.
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